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Coffee Company became famous for our dedication in making fresh roasted coffee that is tailored to each individual's taste. Coffee Company provides the most diverse bags of coffee on the market, allowing customers to choose their own country of origin, roast level, grind, and added flavorings. Each bag is roasted as the order comes in to ensure freshness. Other brands are roasted and shelved for months before being put into your morning mug, leaving you with stale tasting coffee. Our bags are roasted in small batches and also come with a reusable k cup for Keurig users around the world. If our coffee does not amaze you, we also offer boxes of alternate brand K cups to help you find the brand that fits your taste the best. To this day, we have not had a single customer say that they prefer other brands over our amazing blends.

Exclusive Deals

Product Raffles

Our subscribers will be entered into an annual drawing to win a new Keurig 2.0 (up to $200 Value). Drawings are held yearly and winners will be contacted for their choice of product

Holiday Package

Seasonal bags will be available during the holidays. Our products make the perfect gift for loved ones and great treats for anyone who enjoys coffee

Business Bundle

Does your business need a new coffee supplier? Does your current coffee maker need updated? Try our business bundle which includes five bags of coffee a month and comes with a brand new Keurig. Perfect for your waiting rooms or for selling coffee within your business. Choose from the Keurig Elite or Keurig Duo and any combination of our products. 

Birthday Package

All our subscription customers will receive a complementary box of goodies during the month of their birthday. Boxes include samples of various coffees, coffee maker accessories, and coffee maker maintenance items.

Plants and Coffees

Our Shipping Policy

Our shipping is free for all of our customers within the United States. Enjoy our custom boxes without worrying about excessive shipping costs


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