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The Coffee Company Experience

All About Us

Coffee Company became famous for our dedication in making fresh roasted coffee that is tailored to each individual's taste. Coffee Company provides the most diverse bags of coffee on the market, allowing customers to choose their own country of origin, roast level, grind, and added flavorings. Each bag is roasted as the order comes in to ensure freshness. Other brands are roasted and shelved for months before being put into your morning mug, leaving you with stale tasting coffee. Upgrade to a superior coffee experience today.

Check out our physical location in Seymour, IN at 220 West 2nd Street. The drive through only location gets your daily dose of caffeine ready quickly and you never have to leave the comfort of your own vehicle. Stop by and pick up your favorite drinks or a bag of coffee to go! Grab some treats to go with our muffin selection or try one of our many flavors of gelato! Follow our social media pages to stay updated with special events, and exclusive offers.

Store Hours:

M-F 7am-10am, 12pm-3pm

Sat 10pm-2pm

Closed on Sunday

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More About Us

Fresh Roasted Upon Order

We pride ourselves on serving fresh roasted coffee made to order, catering to the unique preferences of our valued customers. From the moment you open your bag, the tantalizing aroma of carefully selected, high-quality coffee beans permeates the air. We meticulously roast our beans only when an order is placed, ensuring optimal flavor and freshness. With each order, we grind the beans to perfection, allowing for a personalized brewing experience that brings out the full richness and complexity of the coffee. Whether you prefer a bold, dark roast or a smooth, light-bodied brew, our team is dedicated to delivering customized coffee that delights your senses and leaves you craving for more.

Making Coffee

Business Partnership

Does your business need a new coffee supplier? Head over to our wholesale page and send us a message! We work with individuals and businesses to create personally tailored coffee solutions that meet individual needs. Whether you need a few bags for an office or several pounds a week for a business, we can accommodate all needs. Ask us about custom labeled products or even starting your own coffee brand!

Fundraise With Us!

We are thrilled to introduce our coffee fundraiser program, where we partner with organizations to give back and make a difference in our community. With our initiative, we pledge to donate thirty percent of the proceeds to the participating organization, helping them achieve their fundraising goals. By offering our delicious, freshly roasted coffee, we not only provide a top-notch product but also an opportunity for supporters to contribute while enjoying their favorite beverage. Our team will work closely with the organization to create a customized campaign, complete with promotional materials and an online ordering platform for easy access. Together, we can build a strong alliance, empowering organizations to make a positive impact while enjoying the perfect cup of coffee.

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Our Shipping Policy

Our shipping is free for all of our customers within the United States. Enjoy our custom boxes without worrying about excessive shipping costs.


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